Helsinki Tonefest - A Day Of Eye-candy, Tones and Design


Starting out as a celebration of Finnish craftmanship, Helsinki Tonefest has evolved into a beautiful and international exhibition of musical instruments, amplifiers, pedals and accessories. With exhibitors ranging from local luthiers and amplifier builders to international pedal manufacturers and artists, Helsinki Tonefest is a dream-come-true for the enthusiasts of everything related to musical instruments. 

Attracting yearly some 50+ exhibitors and over 2000 unique visitors, the event also hosts a variety of music-related clinics with topics running from bass and guitar-techniques all the way to lectures and even music business.

Our aim is to provide value to our tone-loving community. The event is free admission for visitors and is very competitively priced for exhibitors (starting from 130EUR!). We do also brand partnerships. If you have a brand willing to reach and communicate with a large and enthusiastic community, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The next Helsinki Tonefest will be held on Saturday, February 9th 2019 at Kulttuuritalo, in Helsinki. Kulttuuritalo is a historical and preserved venue designed by the renowned architect Alvar Aalto. As an ever-expanding event, this time around Helsinki Tonefest will take over the whole building - including a fully equipped music club venue! We're looking to accommodate over 100 exhibitors and thousands of happy visitors. If you have a brand or a product you'd like to present to this community, please get in touch!


Exhibition Booths

Display areas/booths come in three sizes, including tables. Exhibitors are allowed to use their own stands and visuals, but in the following dimensions:
• 1 x 140x60cm (4'7") 130 euros + vat
• 2 x 140x60cm (4'7") 200 euros + vat
• 3 x 140x60cm (4'7") 280 euros + vat
• Exhibition space, about 12-15 square meters in the main lobby area or the upstairs (for bigger manufacturers, resellers and importers) 900 euros + vat 24%.


Clinics and Lectures

You can also book a clinic for your endorsed artist(s). We offer three identical clinic rooms with capacities of some 60 persons each.
• Clinic, 1.5 hours, 400 euros + vat

Auditorium for 100 people. Perfect for master classes, lectures and seminars.
• Auditorium, 2 hours, 400 euros  + vat

Prices includes marketing support from the Helsinki Tonefest organization in social media, website and press.



What was known as the demo-stage will turn into the DemoClub in 2019! Need to crank up that new amp-design? No problemos, Amigo! A fully equipped music club, with the capacity of some 100 persons, will be devoted for demoing purposes. The DemoClub opens at 10:30 am and is open for bookings for 45 minute slots (total of 11 slots for the day).
• Demostage slot 100 euros + vat

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Petri Matero
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